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Poulina Literary Prize: Tunisian publishing company “Dar Mohamed Ali” Wins the 2012 edition.
news Thursday December 27th, 2012

The 7th edition of the Poulina literary prize, whose theme this year was Evidence on the contemporary history of Tunisia: 1956-2011, which was dedicated to works published after January 14, 2011, recorded the participation of more than 20 publications.

After deliberations, the Poulina 2012 literary prize was attributed to the publishing company Dar Mohamed Ali of Tunisia (Sfax) for additional works and historical writings by Doctor and Professor Hedi Timoumi :

-La Tunisie 1956-1987
“خدعة الاستبداد الناعم في تونس: 23 سنة من حكم بن علي”

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