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Poulina Group Holding partners with Oxia Group to strengthen its ICT ecosystem
news Wednesday February 11th, 2015

Since its inception, Poulina Group Holding, through a visionary economic policy, has worked to create value by focusing primarily on innovation.

By investing in new value-added technologies, PGH has set up an ICT ecosystem around its brand new data center, Dataxion, the largest in Tunisia, which will open soon.

To get to, PGH was surrounded by the best global expertise to ensure the state of the art in security, reliability and performance.

As a result, after the completion of two international joint ventures with the French group Neurons through its subsidiary Intrinsec, Cloud Temple Tunisia and Intrinsec Africa, specializing in Cloud Computing, were born.

Consequently to its new partnership with the Oxia Group that gave birth to the Adactis Company, PGH has taken an important step in outsourcing, integration, and Business Process services.

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