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Mass Consumption Goods

Through this business, corporate Poulina (PGH) develop and market a wide range of products such as ice creams, yogurts, desserts, dairy products, chips, juice and pastriesindustry.

These products are marketed under labels and brands that have come over the years in the food habits of Tunisians.

Among the leading companies in this activity include among others GIPA which is a reference in the Tunisian food industry.

Since its creation, its name is associated with ice cream, cones, the yogurt, the milk desserts, juices, crisps and pastries.

The first job of GIPA, when launched, was the manufacture of ice cream.

His first production unit was acquired in 1978. In the years that followed, GIPA has become a leading manufacturer of ice creams, sorbets and ice creams sold under the brand SELJA.

Today two brands belong to her, namely SELJA and OLA.

Designed to meet the expectations of demanding consumers, SELJA ice and OLA are based on original products and innovative packaging concepts.

Building on its success to its original niche, the company has managed to expand its market activities pastries, yoghurt, UHT milk, chips and juice.

The group also produces margarine, vegetable oils, mayonnaise and vegetable fats throughout the vegetable division of Medoil society.

Medoil pioneer in Tunisia in the production of table margarines, professional margarines and vegetable fats, continues to diversify and launch new products such as mayonnaise and vegetable oils.

This activity allows the group to hold more than half of the Tunisian market with its brand Jadida.

55% market share of margarine for which pioneered Medoil

Margarine, mayonnaise and vegetable oil exports 72% of production to 23 countries. So PGH created in 2012, Med Oil Senegal to meet the sub-Saharan request

The group is also present on the market for halwa chamia with SOKAPO Shehrazad company and its brand, acquired in 2007. The company was given a mission: to expand its presence in foreign markets: Today 60 % oriental confectionery production is exported

With its success in Tunisia, the Group now wants to expand into neighboring countries. It is in this context that GIPA has launched a Libyan unit (GIPA Libya) and another in Morocco (Morocco GIPA).

In addition, several companies are in development or have recently come into production in the country and abroad. Among them, MED FOOD whose mission is to bottle and market in China the Tunisian olive oil.

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