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Trade & Services

Grouped around the Trade and Services business, the Group has several companies that operate in international trade, representation, import, packaging and new information and communication technologies.
Poulina Group Holding (PGH) has also been a shareholder since 2007 through its subsidiary MED INVEST COMPANY, of the company MAGASIN GENERAL, the first retailer by the number of outlets in Tunisia. In 2012 PGH becomes a shareholder, in association with another private Tunisian group, of the car dealer ENNAKL which markets the brands Volkswagen, Seat, Audi and Porsche.
In the pursuit of new markets, Poulina group holding is focusing on new information and communication technologies (ICTs). It all started with the creation in 2012 of the largest data center in Tunisia (benefiting from Tier 3+ technology) through the company Dataxion. This center has been designed and equipped in collaboration with world renowned specialists: APL France and Schneider Electric. Two years after this exploit and in the framework of a partnership between Poulina Group Holding and Intrinsec France, the company “Cloud Temple Tunisia” was created. The latter operates in cloud computing by proposing to Tunisian promoters active in the ICT (information and communication technologies) sector to take more advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. That same year another company operating in the new
information and communication technologies was born, it is called “Adactim”. This company, created as part of a strategic partnership between the WEVIOO and PGH groups, operates in the areas of infrastructure solutions, outsourcing, integration of ERP management solutions and outsourcing of management services (BPO). It builds on WEVIOO’s know-how and proven expertise and is at the heart of PGH’s new development strategy in high value-added technology services.

Other activity sectors