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Building Materials

Occupying a leading position in the local market, Carthago Ceramic is a producer and distributor of ceramic tiles for flooring, wall and porcelain tiles. The company has a modern manufacturing facility located Agareb, Tunisia, with a production capacity of 51 000 m² per day and 1500 tonnes for the bricks. 30% of production is exported to over thirty countries worldwide, including France, Maghreb and Arab countries.

Carthago Ceramic markets a wide range of tiles for interior and exterior coatings for residential, commercial and industrial.

With the success of its products, the company has been remarkably successful international development. It exports over 30% of its production to over thirty countries, including France, North Africa, the Gulf and West African countries.

In addition to ceramics, the Group also has companies specialized in the study and production of brickworks equipment (Maghreb Industries, FMA), extruded tiles (LARIA INT.), Ceramic brick (facing) (BBM CGB, BC) and CBC cellular concrete.

With its know-how and experience, the Mini-holding Carthago Ceramic has developed especially across the Arab Maghreb through its two subsidiaries Ideal Ceramic Algeria and Sahel Lebda in Libya.

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