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Wood & Household Appliances

Wood craft and equipment Property is located in the heart of Poulina activities.
Its development dates from 1975 following the creation of the GAN company, industrial company which totals 2 different activities including: household appliances and office furniture.

PGH is the leading provider of Tunisian industrial timber industry and meets 60% of the market need for wood-based panels (particleboard, Medium Density Fiber distribution raw, melamine or veneer, plywood). annual production capacity of 40 000 m² for plywood panels

GAN also manufactures and markets two product lines under the brand Mont Blanc:
household appliances: refrigerators, stoves and washing machines.
Industrial equipment: freezers, mini bars, refrigerators.
GAN mainly imports:
Compressors from several countries including Brazil.
Of plastic reinforced with metal in Europe.

GAN thus the specialist in Tunisia of equipment and office furniture goods and
knew establish its position on the timber market in Tunisia

Other activity sectors